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Market-moving news and premier financial data on the private broadly syndicated loan market.


Redefining Market Analysis

We are a leading provider of fast and comprehensive financial information in the private broadly syndicated loan market, offering real-time access to key data and news on hundreds of private loan issuers. Our database covers approx. 90% of the private USD broadly syndicated loan market, including over 1,200 issuers and more than 50,000 historical news stories, and is meticulously prepared by a team of experienced analysts. This unique and exclusive content makes Bixby a valuable resource for users across various loan strategies.

Discover Trading Opportunities

Stay ahead of your competitors, we provide you new opportunities and clarity in an opaque market.

Real-Time Updates

Financial models and company news are updated in real-time, keeping you up to date with the latest trends.

Comprehensive Database

Complete with financial models, KPIs, call transcripts, historical news stories, and unique reports.

Your gateway to private broadly syndicated loans

Dynamic Portal

Customisable dashboards, instant alerts, advanced analytics, transaction details, and company profiles.
Allowing you to filter and prioritize to important names in your portfolio.

Comprehensive Analysis

Tearsheets: Quick Credit Snapshot of any private broadly syndicated loan. Offering a quick overview, detailed capital structure, and current financial summaries, all readily available to download.
Comprehensive Primers: Access 30-50+ pages of聽in-depth write-ups in your dashboard that provide comprehensive company overviews, financial status, historical news, and detailed financial statement outputs from our proprietary model.

Proprietary Model

Our models are created and continuously updated by experienced analysts, all downloadable into an excel format and fully dynamic allowing clients to make changes and see the corresponding impact on metrics.
We provide you all the tools needed for immediate financial analysis.

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