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Our team of 25+ expert lawyers cover an impressive 98% of all broadly syndicated loans, high yield bonds, investment grade, and private debt, offering you unrivaled access to comprehensive and holistic market research. Dive into our extensive archive with 5000+ bond/loan documents and analyses. Stay ahead of the curve with our event-driven research, meticulously prepared to demystify complex covenant language and highlight potential risks. With our unique tools, compare covenants, analyze precedents, and understand trends like never before. Whether you鈥檙e an investor, advisor, or part of a legal team, Covenant Review is your trusted partner in making the right financial decisions.

Market Segments

Covenant Review provides comprehensive coverage across the leveraged finance market, including broadly syndicated loans, high yield bonds, investment grade, and private debt. Our expert team of lawyers diligently work to provide unrivaled access and thorough research in the levfin market.

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Covenant Review is an all-encompassing resource, empowering users with the tools and expertise necessary to confidently navigate the financial landscape.

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Covenant Review offers a variety of convenient delivery methods to cater to the diverse needs of our clients for a seamless experience.

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